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Window On The World 1 Activity Book 1st Class

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Window on the World 1 is part of the SESE programme and is suitable for 1st Class.

All strands and strand units of History, Geography and Science are catered for in ONE book, in an integrated approach.

Natural graded progression of oral, reading and writing skills throughout.

Symbols are used to distinguish between the three subjects - History, Geography and Science.

Each lesson is laid out over two pages, with the objective for each lesson placed at the bottom of the first page, providing a student- and teacher-friendly format.

At 1st and 2nd Class levels Revision Questions are provided to assess the children's knowledge and understanding.

A list of useful websites, provided at the back of the 1st and 2nd Class books, will give ease of access to teachers and parents who wish to investigate topics further.

Lessons provide helpful links to other curricular areas, many of which are mentioned in the Teacher's Resource Books.

An attractive Certificate of Completion is included in each book from Junior Infants to 2nd Class.

Subject: SESE/SPHE

Class: First Class