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Medea Translated Philip Vellacott

by Euripides

ISBN: 9780140441291


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Age Of Alexander P/B Penguin Classic

by Plutarch

ISBN: 9780140449358


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Aeneid Translated West

by Virgil

ISBN: 9780140449327


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Odyssey Wordsworth Translated Lawrence

by Homer

ISBN: 9781853260254


product title

Republic Wordsworth

by Plato

ISBN: 9781853264832


product title

Iliad Translated Rieu Black Classic

by Homer

ISBN: 9780140447941


product title

Three Theban Plays Translated R Fagles Classic

by Sophocles

ISBN: 9780140444254


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Tain (Oxford ed)

by Kinsella Thomas

ISBN: 9780192803733


product title

Guide To Classical Studies

by Nash Edna

ISBN: 9781847411853


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