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TY Los Gehts

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Los geht?s! is a combined textbook and workbook, designed specifically for Transition Year German. Contains twelve thematic chapters adapted to common elements of TY as well as the calendar. Task-based activities and projects are used throughout to engage learners, with a special emphasis on Landeskunde, providing an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of life and culture in German-speaking countries. A wide variety of reading, writing and listening activities is included, reflecting ways in which teenagers communicate with the world around them ? from traditional methods such as letter-writing to more modern social media channels. Each chapter features an oral section, wherein a mixture of Allgemeine Fragen, Bildergeschichten and Rollenspiele can be used as part of TY assessment and as classroom activities. Provides many opportunities for in-depth revision and expansion of vocabulary as well as grammar learned throughout the Junior Cycle, with student-centred learning at the core of each chapter. Cross-curricular links are evident throughout the book. A gentle transition from the use of English to German in comprehension questions and activity instructions helps to bridge the gap from Junior to Senior Cycle German.