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Sin E 6th Class Textbook Bind Up

PublisherEdco Educational Company Of Ireland - Z900
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Sin ?! is a refreshing, new all-in-one Irish language programme that integrates the four curriculum strands: ?isteacht, labhairt, l?itheoireacht, scr?bhneoireacht.

Sin ?! 6 is structured around the 10 core themes and each theme is dealt with in a fun-filled way, using games, poetry, drama, activities and songs.

Sin ?! 6 includes reading and listening comprehensions throughout.

Oral activities - 'Labhair le do chara' - which help to develop pupils' oral language skills.

A selection of traditional and modern stories, poetry and songs, and language games.

A students' CD comes Free with the book.

A Free Assessment Booklet (Mo sc?r!) also comes with the book and helps teachers to monitor students' progress throughout the year.

Subject: Irish

Class: 6th Class