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Maths Mate Skills Book 6

PublisherEdco Educational Company Of Ireland - Z900
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Maths Mate 6 offers fresh, innovative and colourful opportunities for pupils of all abilities to further consolidate skills already encountered.

Child-friendly full-colour skills book.

The Maths Mate series is not linked to a particular core textbook.

As a stand-alone skills book it can be used to supplement and extend material in any textbook that is in use in the classroom.

Exercises include three levels of work which have been carefully graded to cater for a wide range of abilities.

Activity and fun pages are interspersed throughout to encourage further consolidation of concepts already encountered in the textbooks.

Emphasis is placed on mental calculations - these pages, entitled "In Your Head", encourage pupils to improve their mental mathematical ability and help pupils to revise material covered in previous chapters.

Online web material will be provided to enhance the Maths Mate programme.

Subject: Maths

Class: 6th Class