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##Crayola Twistables Sketch & Draw 40Pc##

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This great 40-piece set includes 20 Twistable pencils and 15 crayons which have been specially designed so that when the tips are worn down they don?t need to be peeled or sharpened, just give them a twist to keep colouring! They come inside clear plastic barrels too to stop them breaking and so you can easily see how much colour you?ve got left. The set also includes 4 Super Tips markers ? special 2-in-1 pens with a versatile tip so you can draw both thick and thin lines. They also have Crayola?s washable ink which has been specially formulated to easily wash off skin and from most children?s clothing. There?s also a Twistable graphite pencil with strong lead that doesn?t need sharpening, just give it a twist when it gets blunt! Everything comes in a really handy 'pack and go' case so when you?ve finished just pack it away for easy storage or carry it with you for your next artistic adventure.