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Landscape Human...

Landscape Human Leaving Cert

by Gill & Macmillan Schools

ISBN: 9780717171187


Poetry Now 2022...

Poetry Now 2022 Leaving Cert Higher Level     

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714427775


Edco World Atlas...

Edco World Atlas Leaving Cert

by Hourihane Jim

ISBN: 9781845362454

A suitable atlas for Post-Primary Geography students. Accessible, clear and easy to use maps An illustrated dictionary of geographical terms Introductory GIS section A special section on Ireland The most recent up-to-date data and statistics Satellite images and special topic maps Free Teachers CD…


English Extra...

English Extra Leaving Cert Higher Level

by Behan Edmond

ISBN: 9780714419756

…best possible result in Leaving Certificate English. A clear description of exactly what is expected from students in every question on the exam paper. Cogent and helpful analysis of exam trends and past examination questions ? the best on the market. Hundreds of past Leaving Certificate questions…


New Appreciating Art...

New Appreciating Art Leaving Cert Textbook

by Ni Charthaigh Aine

ISBN: 9780717188697


This Is Poetry...

This Is Poetry Leaving Cert Higher Level 2022

by Foristal Brian & Ramsell Billy

ISBN: 9781906565480


Umbung Macht Den...

Umbung Macht Den Meister German Grammar Junior & Leaving Cert

by Schotsaert Mireentie Campbell

ISBN: 9780861215959

This Junior Certificate German book provides a simple explanation of basic grammatical structures at Higher and Ordinary Level. It is a useful tool in promoting accuracy in spoken and written German. It aims to supplement the communicative courses used in the teaching of German. The exercises on…


An Triail Leaving...

An Triail Leaving Cert

by O Tuama Diarmuid

ISBN: 9780714416199

…for Higher Level Leaving Certificate students. N? Ghr?da?s drama is one of the most popular texts on the Leaving Certificate course. The characters, issues, themes and vocabulary are all thoroughly dealt with in this concise and informative book. Author: Diarmaid ? Tuama Class: Leaving Certificate


Horthemen Leaving...

Horthemen Leaving Cert

by Hayes James

ISBN: 9780714417301

…and Ordinary Level style questions in the four sections tested in the Leaving Certificate examination: Interview Anruf Dialog Nachrichten H?rthemen covers the same 20 themes as the Themen Deutsch 1 and Themen Deutsch 2 books and is accompanied by CDs (sold separately). Class: Leaving Certificate


Montages Toujours...

Montages Toujours Leaving Cert

by Gill & Macmillan Schools

ISBN: 9780717155286

New completely revised and updated edition of the highly popular Nouveaux Montages, combining the authors? tried-and-tested approach with fresh, modern material.


Expression Leaving...

Expression Leaving Cert

ISBN: 9781906565237


New Concise Project...

New Concise Project Maths 5 Leaving Cert Higher Level 2014 Onwards

by Gill & Macmillan Schools

ISBN: 9780717154296

New Concise Project Maths 5 is one of two books covering the new Leaving Certificate Higher Level course for students taking the 2014 exam.?


Earth Geography...

Earth Geography Leaving Cert

by Educate Ie

ISBN: 9781910468739


This Is Poetry...

This Is Poetry Leaving Cert Ordinary Level 2023

by Foristal Brian & Ramsell Billy

ISBN: 9781906565510


Less Stress More...

Less Stress More Success Home Economics Leaving Cert

by Less Stress More Success

ISBN: 9780717183562


Bus Sa Bhealtriail...

Bus Sa Bhealtriail Leaving Cert

by Ni Dhuibhir Gearoidin

ISBN: 9781909417250


Ar Aghaidh Libh...

Ar Aghaidh Libh Ardleibheal Leaving Cert Higher Level

by Cameron Ann

ISBN: 9781845364120

A new Irish Oral & Aural book for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level. A brand new Irish Oral & Aural books in line with the new Leaving Certificate syllabus DES Oral exam ?Sraith Picti?r 2012? included Key vocabulary & grammar End of chapter questions ?Scr?d? 50? tests for students FREE Students?…


Effective Maths...

Effective Maths Leaving Cert Higher Level 1

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714419510


A Thig Na Tit Orm...

A Thig Na Tit Orm Leaving Cert

by O Se Maidhc Dainin

ISBN: 9780714412122

This autobiography is prescribed for the Leaving Certificate Irish course. Full of stories from his life, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s, musician Maidhc Dain?n ? S??s entertaining memoir provides insights into both his own life and the times in general. Maidhc, like many others, emigrated,…


De Acuerdo Essential...

De Acuerdo Essential Spanish Grammar Leaving Cert

by Bradley Evelyn Farrington

ISBN: 9781847419217

This is a dedicated grammar book and workbook for the Leaving Certificate Spanish exam at both Higher and Ordinary Level. It provides user-friendly, organised and accurate preparation for the exam. It also includes: * Clear grammar explanations and examples, followed by appropriate exercises *…


Oral German 2020 ...

Oral German 2020 -2025 Leaving Cert German

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714428314


This Is Poetry...

This Is Poetry Leaving Cert Ordinary Level 2022

by Foristal Brian & Ramsell Billy

ISBN: 9781906565466


Changing World...

Changing World Workbook Leaving Cert

by Gill & Macmillan Schools

ISBN: 9780717153237

Full-colour, illustrated workbook ? the perfect companion to the core text.


Its Your Wellbeing...

Its Your Wellbeing SPHE Leaving Cert Textbook

by Mentor Schools

ISBN: 9781912514250


New Biology Textbook...

New Biology Textbook Leaving Cert

by O Callaghan Michael

ISBN: 9781845362829

A Leaving Certificate Biology textbook suitable for Ordinary and Higher Level. New, dynamic and teacher-friendly layout Exam focused throughout Revised in line with support materials booklet from DES and In-Service clarifications Improved diagrams and photographs throughout A summary, key questions…


Physics Experiment...

Physics Experiment Book Leaving Cert

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845366599


Espanol en Accion ...

Espanol en Accion (2020) Leaving Cert Textbook

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781789278187


Venga Leaving Cert...

Venga Leaving Cert Spanish

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845369224


Othello English...

Othello English Leaving Cert

by Martin Kieran & Rocks Frances

ISBN: 9780717188277



Understanding Chemistry Leaving Cert

by McCarthy Jim & White Terence

ISBN: 9781845366230


Business Leaving...

Business Leaving Cert Text Book

by Osullivan John F

ISBN: 9780717139583

A complete text covering all the material for the Ordinary and Higher Level Leaving Certificate Examinations


Economics Now...

Economics Now Leaving Cert Business

by Various

ISBN: 9780717191994


Essentials Unfolded...

Essentials Unfolded Physics Leaving Cert

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714423289


Its Your Life...

Its Your Life Leaving Cert

by Mentor Schools

ISBN: 9781906623463

New SPHE textbook for Senior Cycle Class: 5th Year, 6th Year


Bua Na Teanga...

Bua Na Teanga Leaving Cert Irish

by O Madagain Tomas

ISBN: 9780717188062


Verse 2023 Ordinary...

Verse 2023 Ordinary Level Leaving Cert Textbook

by Educate Ie

ISBN: 9781913698454


Effective Maths...

Effective Maths Leaving Cert Higher Level 2

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714419527


Die Mundliche (2020)...

Die Mundliche (2020) Leaving Cert Textbook

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781789277814


L Oral (2020)...

L Oral (2020) Leaving Cert Textbook

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781789277791


Fiuntas Nua Leaving...

Fiuntas Nua Leaving Cert Higher Level

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845366919


Fuinneamh Nua...

Fuinneamh Nua Leaving Cert Ordinary Level

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845366926


Discovery 2022...

Discovery 2022 Higher/Ordinary Level Leaving Cert

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845369149


Vamos A Escuchar 2...

Vamos A Escuchar 2 Spanish Leaving Cert

by Graham Rosemary

ISBN: 9781847412423

This is a listening comprehension course for Leaving Certificate Spanish. It caters for Higher and Ordinary Level. It includes: * 93 units of aural material to hone listening skills * Carefully graded units * Suitable for both classroom use and independent learning * 16 native Spanish speakers *…