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Just Phonics Senior...

Just Phonics Senior Infants

by Educate Ie

ISBN: 9781910468371


Way With Words...

Way With Words Senior Infants

by Halligan Jim & Newman John

ISBN: 9780714416601

A Way with Words Senior Infants is the second book of the A Way with Words series. It has been designed to aid children in the development of their oral language, reading readiness, prewriting and basic letter formation skills. Discussion pages are followed by a selection of carefully-integrated and…


Starlight 2018...

Starlight 2018 Senior Infants Skills Book

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781780908151


Ceim ar Cheim B...

Ceim ar Cheim B Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714421599


Spellbound Senior...

Spellbound Senior Infants (CJ Fallon Edition)

by Barry Orla

ISBN: 9780714416342

…strategy. Contains a wide range of activities which reinforce the learning of each spelling. Six revision chapters throughout the book and four general revision chapters at the end help consolidate learned spellings. Weekly tests and end of year review assess pupils? progress. Class: Senior Infants


Mathemagic Senior...

Mathemagic Senior Infants Single Vol

by Wyn Bryan

ISBN: 9780714415161

Maths book for Primary School - Senior Infants


Window On The World...

Window On The World B Senior Infants Activity Book

by Courtney Brenda Murphy

ISBN: 9781845362041

…help to develop children's motor skills. Lessons provide helpful links to other curricular areas, many of which are mentioned in the Teacher's Resource Books. An attractive Certificate of Completion is included in each book from Junior Infants to 2nd Class. Subject: SESE/SPHE Class: Senior Infants


Starlight 2018...

Starlight 2018 Senior Infants Core Reader 1

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781780908076


Planet Maths Senior...

Planet Maths Senior Infants Textbook & Number Practice

by Curley Angela

ISBN: 9781780902517

A Maths Textbook and Activity Book Set for Senior Infants. Number-writing practice on squared paper - trace over the dotted numbers. Includes cumulative number practice. This Activity Book is included free with the Senior Infant textbook. Additional resources are available as part of this programme.


New Wave Handwriting...

New Wave Handwriting Senior Infants

by Prim Ed Publishing

ISBN: 9781846549311


Gafa le Mata...

Gafa le Mata Shinsearacha Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714420981


just English Senior...

just English Senior Infants

by Educate Ie

ISBN: 9781910936696


Mrs Murphys Maths...

Mrs Murphys Maths Copies Senior Infants

by Edco

ISBN: 9781916362307


Just Handwriting ...

Just Handwriting Senior Infants Pre Cursive Book & Practice Copy

by Educate Ie

ISBN: 9781908507143

Junior Infant to Second Class Book use pre-cursive 'tails' on the letters Extra (FREE) practice copy for Junior Infants to Second Class Pre-writing warm up activities Self-assessment on each page Very gradual decrease in line width Meaningful activities e.g. recipes,quizzes,riddles,proverbs,etc.…


Figure It Out Senior...

Figure It Out Senior Infants

by Roche Tom

ISBN: 9780714416878

This edition of Figure it Out Senior Infants has been completely revised to take account of the objectives as set out in the Revised Mathematics Primary School Curriculum. All aspects of the curriculum are covered through a range of carefully-planned and well-graded activities. The progression…


Handwriting Made...

Handwriting Made Easy Print Style B Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714419329

…activities for use on interactive white board (IWB). These include demonstrations of: ? how to hold a writing instrument correctly; ? correct posture when writing; ? how letters are formed (showing starting point, how letters touch the guidelines and finishing point, etc.). Class: Senior Infants


Sounds Make Words...

Sounds Make Words Senior Infants Student Book 2018

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781780908281


Small World Senior...

Small World Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714420813


Exercise Your...

Exercise Your English 1

by Arthur Frances

ISBN: 9781845363215

Exercise Your English is a fantastic new series of colourful activity books, written by experienced primary teachers, for children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. Exercise Your English integrates Language, Phonics, Grammar, Poetry, Writing, Reading and Comprehension throughout the series in a…


Over The Moon Skills...

Over The Moon Skills Book Senior Infants

by Gill & Macmillan Schools

ISBN: 9780717181773

Over the Moon is a complete Primary English Language Programme, which is fully aligned with the Primary Language Curriculum. This Skills Book includes activities to support all components of the programme. It follows a thematic approach over nine units of work, allowing for the integration of the…


Look Listen & Learn...

Look Listen & Learn Senior Infants

by Griffin Denise

ISBN: 9780714416120

Look, Listen and Learn - This Activity Book, for Senior Infants provides: a multi-sensory approach to the teaching and learning of letter soundsa specific action to accompany each letter sound / blend / digraphan alliteration phrase to reinforce each sound / blend / digraphrevision of all sounds…


Oral Language Senior...

Oral Language Senior Infants Response Book

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714425641


All Write Now Senior...

All Write Now Senior Infants Book & Practice Book

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781780903309

A comprehensive pre-cursive handwriting programme for Junior Infants to 2nd Class created in 2013. The Senior Infants set comprises a workbook and an A5 Practice Copy with extra activities for home or in class.


Ready To Rock B...

Ready To Rock B Music Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714418308

…The songs and excerpts are fresh and lively, ranging from original to traditional, historic to futuristic and from Irish language to Angolan. Themes are specially chosen to correspond with the children?s own life experience. Gaeilge and drama are integrated throughout. Class: Class: Senior Infants


Cracking Maths...

Cracking Maths Senior Infants

by Various

ISBN: 9780717154234

Cracking Maths is a complete maths programme for primary schools that focuses on both the content and skills of the curriculum, promoting real understanding, especially in areas such as problem-solving.


Ready To Write B1...

Ready To Write B1 English Senior Infants Big Box Adventures

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845365059

This is a Senior Infants Handwriting Book which introduces students to cursive writing. The Ready to Write series introduces the basic elements of writing The books provide a wide range of early writing activities, as well as step-by-step letter formation The formation of both capitals and lowercase…


Zeb & Friends Skills...

Zeb & Friends Skills Book English Senior Infants Big Box Advenures

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845365035

This skills book is based on the Big Box Storybooks for Senior Infants: Oh No, Zeb! Danny to the Rescue and What a Box! Activities are designed to develop word recognition, comprehension and oral language The books support and extend reading of storybooks and core books A wide variety of literacy…


Busy At Maths Senior...

Busy At Maths Senior Infants Pack

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714419794


Mrs Murphys Copies...

Mrs Murphys Copies Senior Infants

by Edco

ISBN: 9780993529511


Lets Discover -...

Lets Discover - Senior Infants Textbook

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714429588


What A Wonderful...

What A Wonderful World Senior Infants

by Griffin Angela & Sheehy Liz

ISBN: 9780714417097

…our place in the local area and in the wider world. The Science element helps us, through questioning and experimenting, to understand the workings of the natural world around us. Ten full-colour Wall Posters for each class Comprehensive Teacher?s Resource Books for each level Class: Senior Infants


Explorers Pupil Book...

Explorers Pupil Book Senior Infants

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781789279177


Master Your Maths...

Master Your Maths Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714425269


Go With The Flow B...

Go With The Flow B Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714423890


Rainy Day Senior...

Rainy Day Senior Infants Colouring Book

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781847416452

This is a Colouring and Activity Book for rainy days or early finishers. It has been designed in line with Senior Infant ability and contains special seasonal pages. It helps to improve the following: * Motor control skills * Visual discrimination * Left-to-right orientation


Wonderland Skills...

Wonderland Skills Book D Senior Infants

by Wonderland

ISBN: 9780714417721


Spell Well Senior...

Spell Well Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714423753


Oh No Zeb Storybook...

Oh No Zeb Storybook English Senior Infants Big Box Adventures

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845364991

In this Senior Infant storybook there are two stories for you to read and enjoy. The stories are Oh, No Zeb! and Lost! Storybooks assist with the development of literacy skills The stories are illustrated to the highest standards Subject: English Class: Senior Infants


Spellbound Senior...

Spellbound Senior Infants (Folens Edition)

by Folens School Books

ISBN: 9781847416247

A phonics-driven spelling workbook for Senior Infants. It contains 25 pages on teaching children how to spell phonetically. Books in this series feature: * Complete unit-by-unit word lists * Spelling checks * Self-assessment * Seasonal spell checks * Assessment records


Write This Way 3...

Write This Way 3 Senior Infants

by Walsh Tony

ISBN: 9780861214440

This Handwriting book is suitable for Senior Infants. The interesting and entertaining activities have been designed to develop fine motor control and to reinforce the left-to-right movements necessary for good handwriting. It provides the child with varied and essential practice in patterns and…


Wonderland Skills...

Wonderland Skills Book C Senior Infants

by Wonderland

ISBN: 9780714417714


Wrong Car Wonderland...

Wrong Car Wonderland Book 5 Senior Infants

by Wonderland

ISBN: 9780714417523


Word Wise Book B ...

Word Wise Book B (Senior Infants)

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714421452


Ready To Write B...

Ready To Write B English Senior Infants Big Box Adventures

by Edco

ISBN: 9781845365042

This is Senior Infants Script Handwriting Book. The Ready to Write series introduces the basic elements of writing The books provide a wide range of early writing activities, as well as step-by-step letter formation The formation of both capitals and lowercase letters is covered Ample opportunity is…


Right Note Music...

Right Note Music Book Junior & Senior Infants

by Williams Niamh

ISBN: 9781841312750

This Activity Book is suitable for both Junior and Senior Infants and follows a thematic approach, using a different theme for each month of the school year. It provides a range of varied opportunities for the children to develop their skills, enjoyment, creativity and confidence in music.…


Handwriting Made...

Handwriting Made Easy Looped Style B Senior Infants

by CJ Fallon

ISBN: 9780714419268

…activities for use on interactive white board (IWB). These include demonstrations of: ? how to hold a writing instrument correctly; ? correct posture when writing; ? how letters are formed (showing starting point, how letters touch the guidelines and finishing point, etc.). Class: Senior Infants


I nGra De 2 Pupil...

I nGra De 2 Pupil Book Senior Infants

by Veritas Publications Schools

ISBN: 9781847307040